change management process importance

change management process importance

  • change management process importance

A successful business must constantly evolve and adapt to meet the most recent changes and new strategies. One way of evolving and changing is through a change management plan.

What is the change management procedure?

Transformation & Change Management is the combination of the methods and strategies that a company acquires and implements change within both dimensions (internal and external). Each and every member of the staff must understand the progress through the different stages, know the plan and see the satisfying results as the change takes place.

Understanding the process of change management and the details can be crucial for new business owners that are looking for success.

The 7 most important questions in change control process

–         What is the reason behind the change?

–         What are the main risks involved in the requested change?

–         What are the required resources to deliver the change?

–         Who raised the change request?

–         What is the required return from the change?

–         Who is responsible for creating, testing, and implementing the change?

–         What is the relation between suggested change and other changes?

5 steps in change management program

1.       Prepare the company’s mindset for the change process

Both the logistic and cultural side of the preparation is super important for a successful change management program. The branch manager with the help of an HR representative can try to explain the need for change to the employees and make them aware of the situation. 

2.       Plan every detail of the change

Set the company’s goals and objectives and plan the process in a way that you can reach the final objective with the easiest and more efficient approach. In the process of planning, you can find your key driver indicators and plan based on the abilities that your company possesses.

The plan should also contain solutions for any unknowns or possible obstacles that could arise during the implementation process and would require a certain amount of flexibility to overcome.

3.       Implement the change plan

After the plan has been created and detailed, all that remains is to follow the steps outlined within it to implement the required change through a capable and strict leader.

Leaders must empower, praise and punish the employees based on their cooperation with the implementation process.

4.       Embed the organizational change process

Without a sufficient plan, staff members may backslide into the old ways of doing certain things around the office and destroy the change management process flow completely. Modern organizational strategies and punishment and reward systems should all be considered as tools to help the process of sticking to the change.

5.       Review and reevaluate the change management procedure

It is crucial to reevaluate the procedure through weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings. The meetings can be between the heads of each department or all the staff can be included. Read the article to know more about Iran’s Management Consulting Market Size .

The following questions must be answered in the regular reevaluations:

–         Were project goals met?

–         can this success be replicated elsewhere?

–         what went wrong? (if the plan was unsuccessful)

Very important bits of change management:

1.       Planning thoroughly

2.       Communication is key.

3.       Training and improving skills

4.       Patience for the fact that change takes time.

5.       Strong leaders and managers

An example of Transformation and Change Management

Full Steam Ahead!

Delivery of Organization Change Management was measured in a one-year duration engagement. The company was implementing the new ERP simultaneously in 15 offices in 6 countries, including more than 300 individuals.

Last word

Change management procedure is a fundamental factor for reaching the goal at the end of the process. A consulting company can provide you professional service in achieving a successful business change management. Don’t overlook the importance of business strategies and consult with a professional management consulting company now.


change management process importance
change management process importance

A successful business must constantly evolve and adapt to meet the most recent changes and new strategies. One way of evolving and changing is through

Success in leadership development planning
Success in leadership development planning

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