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HR services design & implementation in People and Organization management includes Organization chart design & revision, recruitment pipeline & on-boarding, job analysis, design & description, workforce planning, performance management system, compensation, and incentive, training and development planning, employee participation & communication, employer branding, competency model &, etc.

Your business go under positive influence, by encouraging staff and teams to communicate and collaborate constantly and by ccombining and utilizing their experiences.  Shaparak blue’s people strategy consultants help your company elevate their most important asset which is their people.

Iranian companies need human resources more than any other nation. Due to the unstable economics and fluctuation in the rates, most employees do not have job security and most companies are slated for closure. Having a professional HR rep in every branch is a necessity to keep the atmosphere calm and maximize productivity.

We are amongst the highest-ranked companies in Iran. Hence, due to our proficiency and background in HR practices, we are believed to be a one stop solution shop for HR services from top to bottom.

An example of an exquisite HR management:



This company believes in delivering People and Organization development services by different HR practices such as Training, Assessment, Evaluation, Development of IDP and Coaching. This will eventually lead to enabling and projecting a live and learning organization.

Our progress path

At first, we run focus groups and collect data to identify the strengths, main weak spots of your company and your future objective. We will help you push the limits of your capabilities and to make your strengths even stronger. Then based on our findings, our experts create different proposals and utilize the best solution depending on your abilities and capacity in order to countermeasure your weak spots. Our strategic consultancy will guide firms to improve their efficiency or effectiveness in a specific problem or will help them enlarge their business depending on their resources. 

One of the main challenges in Iran is finding a qualified HR rep which is capable of solving workplace problems and has a unique grasp at office rules. Blue butterfly can help you find an exquisite HR rep and guide you through every step.

To sum up

Your business is your investment. To achieve all your future objectives, do not take risks and contact us for a professional consulting service. As one of the best people and organization services in Iran, we can guide you through your journey of growth and we can arrange your work place in a way that the efficiency will be maximized. Check our official website for more information.

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