All you need to know about Leadership development

All you need to know about Leadership development

  • All you need to know about Leadership development

What is leadership development?

Leadership and management development is the process that can help expand the ability of individuals to perform in the organizational leadership roles within organizations better. Leadership development is a main strategy process in succession planning. Leadership roles are basically the roles that facilitate execution of an organization’s strategy.

Leadership development can be formal, with the official authority to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences, or they may be informal roles with little official authority that includes mostly Management consulting in Iran. Leaders need some basic skills with are: 

1. Effective communication with corporate and employees

2. Motivating team members and inspiring effective and efficient work

3. Defining goals and tasks in a clear manner to every member of the staff

4. Listening to complaints and the plans and offering professional insight and feedback

5. Empowering employees to solve problems and propose solutions

3 types of leadership

        Emerging leaders

Manages daily dose of work but also keeps an eye of the objective and the future of the company.

        Developing leaders

Manages the priorities of the company and gives personal insights on different matters.

–         Strategic leaders

Managing the plans toward the company’s objective and its succession.

Organization and leadership development success

“The success of leadership development is affected significantly by the quality of the chosen program, level of support and acceptance from superiors, and the learning capacity of the person being developed.” -Baldwin and Ford

Studies indicate that leadership and team development enables organizations to perform the following strategies correctly:

1. Organization and leadership development builds capacity to significantly decrease costs, drive new lines of revenue, and improve customer service’s efficiency. To put it in a nutshell, it can improve financial performance.

2. Leadership and management development raises employee engagement with the planning process, increases the organization’s ability to perform better and can decrease the costs of turnover.

Great leaders can hire more qualified employees. A manager without strong leadership skills will struggle to attract the needed talent and high-performing staff members.

3. Leadership professional development helps the organizations to choose and shape the strategy of their business. Leadership development should be in favor of the business plans and strategies. If you need more information about business consultants, you can read business consultant roles and responsibilities article.

Design and implement tailor

Design and implement tailor made leadership development programs based on different leadership styles of organizations along with board member meeting structuring for enhancing the efficiency of the company top to bottom. An example of an effective leadership team development:

 Danone Olympics

In Danone Olympics, consulting teams gathered around and Trained 40 Individual C-Level & FLM Managers in a one Year of Academy in order to develop Leadership skills & capabilities.

Tips to avoid leadership development failure

We have mentioned some tips for avoiding common mistakes made by different organizations that led to a leadership development failure:

1. Becoming a more effective leader for the benefit of your company, often requires changing behavior.

2. When companies fail to track and measure changes in leadership performance over time, they increase the likelihood of not being taken seriously and therefore, failure.

3. As an effective leader, monitor participants’ development in their job field after the training.


Leadership strategy is considered as an important factor in your business’ success so do not overlook the importance of it. You can consult with a professional management consulting company for a better and more professional insight. The sooner you identify a qualified potential leader, the better prepared you will be for a bright and promising future in which you can achieve all your company’s objectives. 


change management process importance
change management process importance

A successful business must constantly evolve and adapt to meet the most recent changes and new strategies. One way of evolving and changing is through

Success in leadership development planning
Success in leadership development planning

To get a better grasp of succession in leadership development program, first we need to answer “what is leadership development program?” Leadership development can be

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