Finding your next board members is a peer to peer coaching workshop that managers, capital owners and main members of businesses participate in a private group with the aim of solving concerns and speeding up the multiple growth of professions. In practice, it is not necessarily only the place of big and strategic issues, but even the simplest issues are told professionally. It is a safe and nonjudgmental community app for interacting and solving professional problems. Considering the concern of Iran’s CEOs regarding economic instability; It must be said that for scalable growth in an unstable and unpredictable economy after the Corona pandemic, companies need smarter, more practical and more agile operations. Many business owners need the skills, experience and network of an expert in a In general, they use shares of their own company or they give a large amount of salary to the person who becomes a member of the board of directors of their company, which in most cases do not get returns. The use of meetings with the presence of business owners with the aim of multiplying business growth. It consists of various industries that, under the guidance of a meeting chairman who is an expert and experienced in organizational leadership, in these meetings, they focus and analyze the basic and main topics of business with the approach and mentality of multiple growth, and the output of the meetings There are a series of practical measures that can be implemented in their business.

We provide a virtual board
without stock selling.



How to attract the
right human resources team?


How to develop your
strategic and inspirational leadership?


How to plan to increase
profitable sales?


How to achieve a stronger
business model?


How to plan for your
desired market value?


Measure through the indicators
if you are in a fast growth?


How to streamline your
business processes?


How to remove strategic
barriers to rapid growth?


How to generate
potential customers?
How to increase our
operating profit?
How to get your
ideal customers?
How to manage communication
with your customers?

Experience multifold growth

The quality of your decision-making
will improve and your perspective will expand

You will have a fundamental transformation
in the company culture to increase
and create focus and also more energy

Your business model will
significantly increase profits

Products and customer experience
will significantly increase sales

You will master your field of work
and overcome your competitors

The overall value of your business will increase
two to three times within two to three years.



Game changer initiatives in education and consulting.
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Practical Thoughts
Practical Thoughts
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