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Effective strategic management demands short-term and long-term planning for predictable and unpredictable difficulties and obstacles that might be in your way of growth. To determine if a strategy proved to be effective, you have to be able to measure its performance and check whether it has maximum efficiency and will reach company’s expectations. The criteria of efficiency and effectiveness is critical. This criterion includes managing risk, increasing revenues and controlling costs.

“Businesses need both operational efficiency and strategy to create advantage and superior performance.” Says Michael Porter the founder of modern strategy implementation.

We find solutions to solve challenges, implement growth and enhance the performance of organizations and staff. We will help you push the limits of your capabilities and to make your strengths even stronger.


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Management consulting in Iran is a growing business. Our service groups are bound by a strong set of values. Your happiness with our service, before, during and after our contract comes first for us. Secondly, we provide oriented solutions and scalability which basically means we customize our service due to your needs. Our business is professional, proud and premium. It’s notable that as one of the most successful consulting firms in Iran, we have a world-class competency and we rank amongst the best consulting services in Iran.

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We run focus groups and collect data to identify the problems hat hold you back, the main weak spots of your company and the future objectives of your organization. Based on our findings our experienced teams create different proposals and utilize the best solution depending on your resources and capacity. Shaparak Blue, as the best consulting company service in Iran, can guide you through the process of choosing your strategy and maximize the effectiveness of your measures. You can check out our official website for more information and contact us for an effective experience.

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SHAPARAK is a firm with no central office. We operate under a ‘One Firm’ principle where each location, while maintaining its unique local characteristics, adheres to the values and principles that unite us no matter what our cultures are.

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