Success in leadership development planning

Success in leadership development planning

  • Success in leadership development planning

To get a better grasp of succession in leadership development program, first we need to answer “what is leadership development program?” Leadership development can be formal, with the official authority to make decisions and take responsibility of the consequences, or they may be informal roles with little official authority that includes mostly consulting. Leadership development is a main strategy process in succession planning. Leadership roles are basically the roles that facilitate execution of an organization’s strategy. A successful leadership development plan is a strategic plan designed to help employees prepare for management and leadership roles in their organization.

An example of an effective leadership team development:

 Danone Olympics

In Danone Olympics, consulting teams gathered around and Trained 40 Individual C-Level & FLM Managers in a one Year of Academy in order to develop Leadership skills & capabilities.

Having a qualified leader is the key driver to a successful business and through a strong leadership development planning, you can achieve that.

leadership development strategy goals

  1. Raise the level of Adaptability
  2. Create Confidence
  3. Increase the feedback giving culture
  4. Be a mentor
  5. Inspire
  6.  Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
  7. Give and take constructive criticism
  8. Time management
  9. Build a strong bounded team
  10. 10.Healthy employees are better employees 


4 important elements in executive leadership development program

These 4 elements are also known as the 4 E’s of corporate leadership development program and they are:

  • Education

Having academic education can be very beneficial. Lots of strategies and tactics can be learned through academic books and lectures.

  • Exposure

Guiding the business leaders though coaching and mentoring can be essential. HR department can coach these leaders through top leadership development programs.

  • Experience

Every project can bring valuable lessons and learnings. More experienced leaders can perform better in the process of any corporate leadership development program.

  • Evaluation

Evaluation is known at the most essential part of the operations of leadership development program. Through reevaluation, the team can focus on the objective and stay in the path.

Tips to avoid executive leadership development program failure

We have mentioned some tips for avoiding common mistakes made by different organizations that led to a failure in the best leadership development programs:

1.  Becoming a more effective leader for the benefit of your company, often requires changing behavior.

2.  When companies fail to track and measure changes in leadership performance over time, they increase the likelihood of not being taken seriously and therefore, failure.

3.  As an effective leader, monitor participants’ development in their job field after the training.

You can also read All you need to know about Leadership development article for more information.

Steps of leadership development planning

  • Find out the type of leadership your project needs

Create a list of skills that you are expecting to see in a good leader that fits your company. To do so you will need to take a step back and review your key business objectives and define the exact skills your ideal leader would have.

  • Get all the employees aboard and in the right path

Try to align all the staff’s career vision and path with the leadership development program and your ideal business path. In order to do so, firs you will need to listen to your employees and find out about their visions.

  • Describe the exact goals and objectives of your business

Knowing where you are headed can minimize the confusion and setbacks in your business. These goals must be achievable, measurable and in accordance to your company’s abilities and its capabilities. Keep in mind that prioritizing these objectives can be super beneficial.

  • Choose the right path for your business

You can consult with management consulting companies in order to find out the best leadership development programs for your company.

Take your abilities and weaknesses into consideration and choose the easiest and most approachable path.

  • Measure and reevaluate

Reevaluation is the key to any corporate leadership development program succession. Don’t overlook the importance of evaluating.

To sum it all up

You can consult with a professional management consulting company for a better and more professional insight on the top leadership development programs. The sooner you identify a qualified potential leader, the better prepared you will be for a bright and promising future in which you can achieve all your company’s objectives.


change management process importance
change management process importance

A successful business must constantly evolve and adapt to meet the most recent changes and new strategies. One way of evolving and changing is through

Success in leadership development planning
Success in leadership development planning

To get a better grasp of succession in leadership development program, first we need to answer “what is leadership development program?” Leadership development can be

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