Go to market in Iran

Go to market in Iran

Go to market (GTM) is a plan that specifies how a company can acquire more customers and convince them to buy more products. Go-to-market strategy is basically the art of sales, customer service, the buying journey etc. GTM’s goal is to improve customer experience by offering a high-quality product or service and with a more competitive price. To create an effective GTM strategy, organizations must have an understanding of the work environment in Iran and the target market. 90% of startups burn out, often within their first year. Therefore, it is vital that you choose a reliable company from a professional perspective.  Go-to-market strategy often includes five core components:

• Market definition: Which markets will be targeted?

If multiple markets are being targeted, then one should be prioritized over the others

• Customers: Who is our target audience?

The company will need to decide whether it has an existing customer audience that might be sales prospects or maybe it needs to look for an entirely new set of target customers.

• Product positioning: What is being sold and what is so unique about it or the differences of it compared to other products or services in the market?

The channels or the paths taken by the product or service to reach the final customer.

• Price: How much should the product or service cost depending on the environment of Iran?

• Distribution model of the product: How will the product or service be delivered to the customer?

Go to market service

Go-to-market strategy can be used in various situations for example when you want to launch new products or introduce a product to a brand new market. It includes all kinds of advertising, promotions, public relations, digital marketing, direct sales, and events. A marketing plan points the goals, objectives, research, costs, strategies, and action needed to drive business for the overall company out. GTM strategy can be considered as the business plan. Go-to-market strategies are often associated with product launches, but they can also be used to describe the specific steps and the blueprint of the growth plan of a company.

Go to market in Iran

With the economic fluctuations and unstable rates in Iran, the need for Iran consultancy services and special strategies like GTM is increasing significantly. Understanding the needs of a society and launching new products due to the needs can be a key to the company’s success. GTM strategies in Iran have been overlooked in the past but new business owners are starting to realize the importance of hiring consulting companies and the special strategies.

What is the purpose of go-to-market strategy?

When effectively executed, the GTM strategy will align all stakeholders and establish a clear path and timeline to ensure each stakeholder meets the defined milestones and outcomes, creating an attainable path to reaching the object. Go-to-market strategies are used to create the following benefits:

1.      A clear and defined path and direction for all stakeholders.

2.      Reduction of the time of marketing for products and services.

3.      Increasing the chances of successful products or a successful service launch.

4.      Decreasing the likelihood of extra costs of failed products.

5.      Improvement of the ability of flexibility and change due to customer desires.

6.      Strengthening the positioning of the brand.

7.      An established path toward growth.

8.      Creating an effective customer experience.

9.      Being prepared for possible upcoming challenges

Go to market in Iran strategy path

The first step for a GTM company in Iran is to analyze and identify the exact target audience based on the product that is being launched. Then identifying how to reach the possible customers and where to find them. These companies identify any possible obstacle that we might face through the sale process. GTM is the choice for you if you want to sell more products to a wider range of customers.

The final price should not be based on the costs of manufacturing or developing the product or service. Instead, the price should support the market position of your product or the service that you provide.

The effectiveness of go-to-market strategy in Iran

An effective go-to-market strategy should be continually reviewed, and if necessary adapted, to ensure success. You have to have weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings to reevaluate the growth and go over the future plan.

Last word

It is possible to succeed without a go-to-market strategy, but for that to happen you need a unique product that has never been launched before or a huge amount of luck. With GTM strategy you have the exact path to an unforgettable sales experience. If you are facing problems on how to approach your customers, it is recommended that you contact shaparak blue as one of the best management consulting companies in Iran. Keep in mind that choosing a reliable company plays a big part in go-to-market strategy.


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