Tribute to Contributors

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This is to show our gratitudes to whom contributed to enable us to pave the journey


We owe it

Snowy nights

Beautiful days

Blue Skies

Big cities

Small Villages

and Remote Locations

Simple tools

Sophisticated toys

And technology

To pens, papers and WhatsApp

To the Separation and Shawshank

To ropes, carabiners and Tents for protecting us

To those who trusted us, even early days

To smart challenging supportive and fearless partners

To the disciplined, creative and the true leaders

To Those who brought harmony and the happiness to the team

To coaches for showing their great responsibilities, and the invisible camera crew

To enthusiastic participants, and the one who made different characters

To the volunteers

To the hard pushers and late believers

To Deep thinkers, passionate and moral team players

And the ones committed themselves, to a change for the better

And the hears who support us, to dream bigger

We owe it to everything and everyone.

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change management and all you need to know
change management and all you need to know

Understanding Human Resources Human resources in simple words is the link between an organization’s management and corporate and its employees. The presence of an HR

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