change management and all you need to know

change management and all you need to know

  • change management and all you need to know

Understanding Human Resources

Human resources in simple words is the link between an organization’s management and corporate and its employees. The presence of an HR department and Transformation and Change Management is a necessity for any business, regardless of the organization’s size. An HR department’s task is basically, maximizing employee’s productivity and protecting the company from any issues that may arise within the workforce. The important role of the Human resources is often overlooked.

Human resources in Iran and the challenges

Iranian companies need human resources more than any nation. Due to the unstable economics, most employees do not have job security and most companies are slated for closure. It is human resources’ duty to create a calm atmosphere in the workplace that can lead to the employees’ peace of mind and later on lead to a higher rate of productivity.

One of the most important challenges in Iran is hiring an experienced HR rep which has all the needed qualifications in order to overcome the economic problems’ effects on the employees’ mindset and create a nurturing and productive workplace with the maximum efficiency. Hiring a consulting company is the best way to make sure that your HR department is distinguished, experienced and qualified. Read this article to know more about Management consulting in Iran

By defining the 3 following questions an HR rep can ready their company for the future:

•Who are we?

Being clear about the functions of the company and the reason it exists

•How do we operate?

Being clear about the company’s decision making strategies

•How do we grow?

All the measure that are taken such as outlearning others, in order to grow

Some of human resources responsibilities in a company:

1.  Determine the needs of new staff and the needed qualities for new employees.

2.  Determining the needs of the company for temporary or full time employees due to the needs.

3.  Determine the dos and don’ts of a company considering the best interests of it.

4.  Training new employees or holding courses for employees to enlarge their knowledge on a certain subject.

5.  Evaluating the work and the progress of each employee in order to motivate them.

6.  Avoid sensitive subjects in the workplace.

7.  Ensure equal opportunities for each member of the staff.8.  Dealing with performance issues of every employee individually.

Some ways that human resources department in Iran can improve the effectiveness of a company considering special economic challenges of Iran:

There are multiple measures that the HR department can take in order to increase the productivity of working hours and create a friendly environment for all employees. Some examples of easy actions that can a Human Resource Representative in Iran do:

1.  Ensure the environment of the work place is comfortable.

This action can consist of checking the office’s lightning, checking the comfortableness of the seats and setting the perfect temperature.  The first step to do so is investing in high quality comfortable chairs. An HR rep can have meetings discussing the importance of the seating arrangement in order to avoid neck and back pains. Studies show that approximately 30% of employees spend between 10-30 minutes each day not working because of an uncomfortable temperature. Hence, temperature can play an important role in the productivity of the staff.

2.  Invest in each member of the staff’s happiness

Studies show that an increase in employees’ happiness can generate 12% more productivity. You can show your care for the staff’s happiness by giving them flexibility, creating a culture of mindfulness and a motivational workplace.

3.  Reduce noise level and increase the focus

Studies show that employees tend to have higher stress levels in a workplace with more noise. Reducing the noise and the background hums can cause a rocketing increase of the office’s efficiency.

4.   the reward management

Most employees do not get paid an acceptable salary in Iran. Human resources in Iran can improve productivity and motivate the employees with the reward management strategy. They can recognize great work and use different rewards to inspire other employees to work harder and with a better quality. It is recommended that the human resources representative always thank each employee for their hard work and create a respectful atmosphere.

5. healthy workers are better workers

Studies show that fitted, well rested and healthy employees have a higher rate of productivity. One of HR’s responsibilities is to make sure that every employee has a healthy lifestyle and they are in a healthy mental state.

Studies show that employees have 20% more concentration and 40% more motivation on the days that they workout. Human resources in Iran can focus on the snacks that are served in the office and can have meetings to explain to each employee the ways they can have a healthier lifestyle.

A modern approach of HR department

Gamification is one way of HR’s approaching strategies. Human resources gamification involves applying motivating techniques from games to non-game situations that can increase the employees’ care about HR-related activities. Gamification is considered as one of the most effective strategies in Iran’s market. To put gamification in a nutshell it’s an informal learning process that can make the on-boarding process easier for the staff. This approach has replaced the long and never-ending PowerPoints in the past few years. Studies show that gamification has increased employee’s engagement in HR activities by 60%.

To sum it all up

Human resources department in Iran has a vast range of responsibilities. Most of these responsibilities are very complicated and they need special knowledge and it’s better to consult with a professional or hire a consulting company. Shapark blue, as one of the most experienced consulting companies in Iran, provides the best Human resources consulting and can help you create the friendliest office atmosphere and maximize the effectiveness of our company’s work. If you are a business owner in Iran, do not overlook the importance of this department and take the best measures in order to boost your productivity and maximize your company’s efficiency.



change management and all you need to know
change management and all you need to know

Understanding Human Resources Human resources in simple words is the link between an organization’s management and corporate and its employees. The presence of an HR

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