how much do hr consultants charge, a detailed guide

how much do hr consultants charge, a detailed guide

  • how much do hr consultants charge, a detailed guide

An HR department’s task is basically, maximizing employee’s productivity and protecting the company from any issues that may arise within the workforce. In different countries and cultures the need for human resources differ, therefore, how much do HR consultants charge per hour can diverge. Human resources department has a vast range of responsibilities. Most of these responsibilities are very complicated and they need special knowledge and it’s better to consult with a professional or hire a consulting company. The HR department’s operations are becoming more and more vital for the future of the company. A massive part of a positive employee and staff experience is determined by the Human Resources and People & Organization successful service.

Understanding how much does an HR consultant charge per hour, can help you decide on your budget. Keep on reading to find out more.


HR consultant job description

An overall job description of HR department includes determining the need of new staff and the needed qualities for new employees, determining the need of the company for temporary or full time employees due to the needs, determining the dos and don’ts of a company considering the best interests of it, evaluating the work and the progress of each employee in order to motivate them and training new employees or holding courses for employees to enlarge their knowledge on a certain subject. how much does an HR consultant charge per hour, depends on the job description, the qualifications and the skills of the consultant.

The qualifications that can affect the charging rate

  1. Bachelor degree in the field
  2. Master’s degree
  3. Experience

how much should I charge for HR consulting

HR consultants usually charge between $95 to $190 per hour. The average rate of the charge is 140 dollars. Human Resources consultant salary amounts to an average of $64,008 in the USA. As an HR consultant you can charge hourly, daily or monthly. As an HR representative, you’ll have to offer different levels of service depending on your client needs and therefore, the rate of charge differs depending on your services.

the rate of your charge must depend on 3 main factors:

  1. The market demand for your service. Each country has a different need for HR department.
  2. Your experience and needed skills in the field. More experienced HR consultants tend to make better money.
  3. The rate of your industry in the market and how much your competitors are charging.

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Bottom line The charge of HR consultants differs depending on the service they provide. You can hire a consulting company to help you choose your HR rep wisely and save money. Blue butterfly experience, as one of the most experienced consulting companies in Iran, provides the best Human resources consulting and can help you create the friendliest office atmosphere and maximize the effectiveness of our company’s work. If you are a business owner in Iran, do not overlook the importance of this department and take the best measures in order to boost your productivity and maximize your company’s efficiency.


Companies and their internal growth strategies
Companies and their internal growth strategies

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