Breath of the Earth

[vc_row pix_particles_check=””][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Climate change, environmental degradation, environmental health, air pollution, warming seas, radioactive waste are many other effects of our human activities on Earth. We waste resources, we destroy our environment

We support businesses that aim to protect the planet

For more than ten years, Shaparak.Blue has provided management consulting services in Iran and MENA to enable companies to grow. The first decade was mostly dedicated to Leadership Development practices, Building Infrastructure for businesses and the management consulting industry in Iran, and enabling companies to grow within their capabilities.

As we set our foot in the second decade, we aim to cooperate with companies to enable sustainable growth within their practices. Cooperating with one of intellectual the social and environmental activists is the first step to give awareness to the community of the businesses to join us within the time-frame of the next 5 years to transform their traditional activities into more sustainable and emission-free practices.

As an award-winning actor and musician, Ashkan Khatibi’s activities are being recognized as promising initiatives to spread around the words for people to be aware of environmental disasters.

Shaparak.Blue has sponsored in his latest video clip (Breath of the Earth – نفس زمین) to empower this initiative.

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Companies and their internal growth strategies
Companies and their internal growth strategies

Internal development strategy basically is the growth within the organization by using its internal resources. Internal growth strategies focus on developing new products, increasing the

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