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Among the car companies in the Iranian market, Renault has always been one of the most diligent and successful during its presence. Perhaps the reason for this success is the learning and competitive spirit of the company’s managers, which is always seen in the spirit of the activities of all employees. At Renault Leadership Academy, we present a translation of this relentless effort to achieve results. This video is a reminder of the efforts of all managers who tried to improve themselves and their environment.

No one is born with leadership abilities, leaders are nurtured in organizations and take on roles. At Farda Academy, we have taken a big step towards finding future leaders in cooperation with Farda E-Commerce Company. A step that makes the world a better place to work and live. This video commemorates the moments when we were on the path to growth together

Change for the better is a dream that every company or individual has for themselves. This video is a memorial to the people who were with us in this project with Nestle company.

Patience, loyalty, trust and eagerness are the challenges to be principledly implemented in an organization. In 2017, in order to develop the capabilities of the managers of Pars Online Company, we implemented the Leadernet project in this company.

Among us humans, those who make the world better and more beautiful are better leaders. We have truly come to believe that a better world of better fruitfulness begins. In collaboration with Fanap and in the lead-up project, we tried to help the company’s leaders build a better world for their partners.

In startups, there is always the issue of growth and the simultaneous growth of the company with the growth of individuals. In cooperation with Shipoor, we, together with the management team of this company, tried to provide the ground for the growth and development of the people of this company. This was done by developing the skills we all need in relation to others. This video is a commemoration of the efforts of Shipoor colleagues to get better.

Out of a total of 11,000 attempts to conquer Mount Everest, only 29{4e5ae704dc8e2a22135c8cb38903bc939bced634570610f6a9c2a0f6fa8d7499} have been successful, leading to the conquest of Everest. The main question is what effort have we made to achieve our goal.

‌Manages at higher levels make harder decisions, and that difficulty seems to be greater when they lead the key industry and the parent. We at the G.A.S Academy We helped top managers in the country to make professional decisions to have a better Iran. This video is part of the practice of being better for all of us.

We may not all know Ilam, although Ilam is the least populated province in Iran, but it is one of the centers of production and refining in our country. This province, with its unique oak cover, has a small share of our awareness. In Ilam, powerful men with high vision work every day for the growth of this country, and we at the Green Oak Academy, accompanied by these great men, moved towards excellence. This video is a memorial to the courage, boldness and recklessness of these men to create a better world for all of us Iranians.

Learning always comes along with doing real work. The best practice for learning is to test the skills in the most similarity to the real work that we did in the market simulation project of Savola Company (Safola Behshahr) with an amazing team. We learned and we taught, we practiced and we learned together how to learn real work. This video is a commemoration of the best efforts together

Change is not easy for everyone. Change for growth is no exception. But in order to change for the better, one must set foot on this path. This is the path we tried to take at FINNOLEAD Academy. This video shows the first steps of the leadership path of change in this academy

Interaction and solidarity are two important components of organizational culture, but the question is, what steps have we taken to promote and improve these characteristics within our organization? This video is a commemoration of the end of the Tolo-Distribution Company, which was held to develop organizational culture.



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