Same spirit, New look

Rebranding corporate identity while keeping the true spirit of customer experience and customized solutions and growth into two things. Blue as the great color for the first and shaparak as the Farsi name for Butterfly. the “dot” is not a separator in today’s world but a connector as a sign of respond to today’s challenging […]

Leadership needs to be branded – Daarvag partnership

Implementing transformation projects, need more than plan and structure; It needs design and communication. Thus, Shaparak joined with Daarvag on internal communication and employer branding projects to effectively communicate vision, strategies and change inside organizations

Linking Consulting to business result

Gaining outstanding business results, needs organizations to work on their processes as well as their people. Having worked on people side of business for 4 years, Shaparak started working with companies – by introducing business performance solutions, specially Scaling-up from Gazzeles — to enhance their process according to global best practices in structuring organizations and […]

We are “reBELs”

Shouting out loud “We are REBELS” at 4,850 m above see level by French BEL company senior management team in August 2015. That was not the first time and Alamkooh was not the only venues for the “learn leadership in the nature concept”. Shaparak saw an absolutely brilliant result for its new initiative, “Climb-UP”; using […]

WILEY is not about books also Implementation

  30 years of study in the field of leadership and more than 7 million sold copies of the book is not something that everyone can do. It can only be done by a company established for 210 years and being the core of trust for 50{a780eb2cedcf57bef2711085026e59b5fdcb57f70bf93c2f9bd24349fa0c4765} Nobel Winners to publish their world changing concepts […]

CIPD nomination – Youth employment initiative

  A dream come true. Giving visibility in the field of HR and Leadership to IRAN as a country. Shaparak has been nominated as one of the three finalists in CIPD award 2015 for one of its projects with Savola. Thanks to two HULT Alumi in both sides of the table, one as the Talent […]

We owe it concept – LEAP Implementation

Trusting to a newly established company with a breakthrough concept of leadership development in IRAN by a big international firm like BAT was not a chance but a choice of a visionary leader being in HRD position of BAT in IRAN in 2014. BAT and Shaparak managed to deliver a program after recognized by BAT […]

Transforming Only Good Experience to Leaving a Footprint in Business

Challenging experiential learning was not an easy one. It was already a breakthrough concept in leadership. Combining business cases with development programs leaded shaparak to learn from international leaders in challenging the routine concepts of corporate developments such as HULT and Ashridge. Learn, Experience and Action Project (LEAP) soon became the solid rock bottom of […]

First engagement

South african joint venture in IRAN as the major petrochemical producer were the one who trusted us for the first time looking at the background and reputation of founders. SASOL engagement was about delivering soft and management skills to more than 200 senior people of the company. Project has been recognised globally in SASOL  



Game changer initiatives in education and consulting.
To Be continued…
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