Being wise is only materialized when you accompany that with energy of a young and professional mind. In September 2011, Dr.Shahram Rahimi (65) & Majid Kianpour (32), decided to start a company to pursue their passion in developing talents and leaders of MENA. They established blue butterfly experience as the metaphor for transformation for optimum greatness. The set-up was based on Shahram’s experience in delivery of soft skills and Majid’s great knowledge of corporate leadership challenges in international level market, while working for over a decade in international corporates.
Our mission hasn’t changed and transformation for better is as relevant as ever and we are still faithful to our founder’s dream. Enabling and developing leaders and businesses is our passion and we believe that “Better World Starts With Better Leaders”.

world class competencies

We select and use world-class contents and solutions which have passed the test of time. Being partner with internationally recognized entities such as Wiley and etc. have enabled us to deliver world class engagements.


The challenging journey of development shouldn’t be hard, we believe it can be a happy experience. In engagements, our brilliant team work closely with different stakeholders to make sure that despite the difficulties, everyone is enjoying the journey & learning from it.

oriented solutions

We don’t invent the wheel and constantly search for the best developmental materials, but we also believe that contents should be localized and customized in each project to reflect the client’s need. We dedicate as much time as needed to know client’s specific needs, challenges, business, rivals and industries. We even use customized examples and case studies in engagements we do.

W: world-class competencies

H: happiness

O: oriented-solution

we believe in our team & we established a sophisticated, professional & fair elite pipeline for our recruitment

The beginning

Being wise is only materialized when you accompany that with energy of a young and professional mind.In September 2011, Dr.Shahram Rahimi (65) & Majid Kianpour (32), decided to start a company to pursue their passion in developing talents and leaders.

They established blue butterfly experience as metaphor for transformation for better. The set-up was based on Shahram’s experience in delivery of soft skills and Majid’s great knowledge of corporate leadership challenges in IRAN market


First engagement

South african joint venture in IRAN as the major petrochemical producer were the one who trusted us for the first time looking at the background and reputation of founders.

SASOL engagement was about delivering soft and management skills to more than 200 senior people of the company. Project has been recognised globally in SASOL


Transforming Only Good Experience to Leaving a Footprint in Business

Challenging experiential learning was not an easy one. It was already a breakthrough concept in leadership. Combining business cases with development programs leaded shaparak to learn from international leaders in challenging the routine concepts of corporate developments such as HULT and Ashridge.

Learn, Experience and Action Project (LEAP) soon became the solid rock bottom of the foundation of leadership development programs in shaparak


We owe it concept –
LEAP Implementation

Trusting to a newly established company with a breakthrough concept of leadership development in IRAN by a big international firm like BAT was not a chance but a choice of a visionary leader being in HRD position of BAT in IRAN in 2014.

BAT and Shaparak managed to deliver a program after recognized by BAT in the region called Growth Academy using LEAP concept. It was an absolute success recognized by BAT locally and regionally


CIPD nomination –
Youth employment initiative

A dream come true. Giving visibility in the field of HR and Leadership to IRAN as a country. Shaparak has been nominated as one of the three finalists in CIPD award 2015 for one of its projects with Savola. Thanks to two HULT Alumi in both sides of the table, one as the

Talent Management Advisor for Savola and another as the Managing Partner for Shaparak, they managed to bring into a globally recognized certificate, their initiative in youth employment to be recognized in CIPD level


WILEY is not about books
also Implementation

30 years of study in the field of leadership and more than 7 million sold copies of the book is not something that everyone can do. It can only be done by a company established for 210 years and being the core of trust for 50{a780eb2cedcf57bef2711085026e59b5fdcb57f70bf93c2f9bd24349fa0c4765} Nobel Winners to publish their world changing concepts with it.

The Leadership Challenge has been fascinating, partners of shaparak and they managed to become the only Global Partner of Wiley in IRAN in their leadership development products such as The Leadership Challenge and 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

We are “reBELs”

Shouting out loud “We are REBELS” at 4,850 m above see level by French BEL company senior management team in August 2015. That was not the first time and Alamkooh was not the only venues for the “learn leadership in the nature concept”. Shaparak saw an absolutely brilliant result for its new initiative,

Climb-UP”; using nature as a source of energy and learning for its leadership programs and making it more than only making tents and preparing food together. Using deep and practical concepts such as High Altitude Leadership, and taking it to its routine practices, shaparak introduced a breakthrough concept to the local market


Linking Consulting to business result

Gaining outstanding business results, needs organizations to work on their processes as well as their people.

Having worked on people side of business for 4 years, Shaparak started working with companies – by introducing business performance solutions, specially Scaling-up from Gazzeles — to enhance their process according to global best practices in structuring organizations and management teams for growing companies

Leadership needs to be branded –
Daarvag partnership

Implementing transformation projects, need more than plan and structure; It needs design and communication.

Thus, Shaparak joined with Daarvag on internal communication and employer branding projects to effectively communicate vision, strategies and change inside organizations


We believe in youth as the talent pipeline –
youth needs to know corporates

In todays business environment, winners can definitely attract the best talents. Fast responding to client needs, Shaparak included employer branding solutions to its offerings and did the first big project in employer branding in Iran in collaboration with Daarvag

Same spirit, New look

Rebranding corporate identity while keeping the true spirit of customer experience and customized solutions and growth into two things. Blue as the great color for the first and shaparak as the Farsi name for Butterfly.

the “dot” is not a separator in today’s world but a connector as a sign of respond to today’s challenging market needs in the internet era. Shaparak.Blue now is the name of the game for shaparak people


Shaparak Consulting School

Shaparak.School was an idea. Based on 7 years of solid experience toward consulting, Shaparak Consulting School was founded to help enthusiastic and passionate consultants to be trained.

This has been enabled due to intense experience in delivering via LEAP method. On the first cohort, out of more than 500 applicants, 15 have succeeded to get the admission and 12 were graduated in 2016.


#moshaversho initiative, was founded with the aim to become the annual gathering of Consulting Industry Activists in Iran and it plays a key-role for awarding and leading top talents to become-a-consultant. Until now, two rounds of #moshaversho were held by Shaparak and more than 800 enthusiasts and activists have attended in the even.



Everything goes online and next generation of Iranian Consultants must be presented within the reach of daily online activities. Thats why we have launched Shaparak.Associates as a platform to enable consultants to be presented over a solid and firmed, content-based and professional online platform for any graduates from Shaparak Consulting School to present themselves over the internet. It gives them a good experience of online presence along with professional awareness.


‌‌We have launched our new initiative to serve graduates in a high-end environment. This enables them to deliver consulting service and their practices as they have grasped in the course. This is where freelance consulting meets consulting as employee which shapes the employance!


We always recruit you if you are the best

By expanding our services to different industries, we have recruited some of the best consultants and analysts to enhance our engagement experience. This is when Shaparak.Blue have reached to 30 individuals to deliver the best possible solutions in the practices.

Partnership Engagements

As we proceed with our journey, we have finalized partnership agreements with some of our repeating clients with the aim to maximize their revenue and profit. This considered to be the next level of service delivery practice for us.


Relocating to deliver new experience

As we grow, we have relocated to a more spacious flat to enable us to have bigger operations. In an unique landmark in Farmaniyeh Cross-road, we have selected Brand Baam Center as our headquarter.